Jul. 10th, 2010

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Hope for the World has been inactive for the past couple years because I simply got too busy to continue them. Now, however, I have decided that it's 2010, damnit, and Saban has come back! Lets do it again!

Dates to Remember:
July 12, 2010: Nominations Begin
July 23, 2010: Nominations end at 11:59pm RMT (1:59am EST)
July 26, 2010: Nominee’s announced; Voting Opens
August 8, 2010: Voting Ends at 11:59pm RMT (1:59am EST)
August 11, 2010: Winners Announced

Nomination Rules:
1) You cannot nominate your own fic.
2) You may only nominate one fic for every category. You can, however, nominate the same fic in multiple categories.
3) All fics must be accompanied by a link to the fic. If a fic is nominated without a link to it, that nomination will be discarded.
4) All fics must have been published and/or updated within the last five years. No fics that have been published/last updated before January 1st, 2005 will be accepted.
5) All nominations are to be made in email format to me at allaartcm@grizzlies.adams.edu. Please put "Hope Nominations" in the subject line.

This year we do not have a set maximum on how many fics can be nominated for a category. However, we do have a minimum—any category with 1 or less nominees will not be voted upon.

Best Romance - Canon
Best Romance - Non Canon
Best Romance - Slash
Best Romance - Femslash
Best Angst
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Portrayel of a Canon Character
Best Original Character
Best Season Crossover
Best General Crossover
Best AU Season
Best Original Team
Best Adult Fic
Best Unfinished Fic
Best Completed Fic
Best One Shot
Best MMPR Fic
Best Zeo Fic
Best Turbo Fic
Best In Space Fic
Best Lost Galaxy Fic
Best Lightspeed Rescue Fic
Best Time Force Fic
Best Wild Force Fic
Best Ninja Storm Fic
Best Dino Thunder Fic
Best Space Patrol Delta Fic
Best Mystic Force Fic
Best Operation Overdrive Fic
Best Jungle Fury Fic
Best RPM Fic

Notes on Categories:
1) Best Author will not be nominated by individual people; instead, the five authors with the most nominations to their name will be the nominees.
2) Season Crossovers are fics that cross between seasons (like the teammup eps). The seasons are the same as the bottom 15 categories. General Crossovers are between any season of PR and another fandom, such as Firefly, Stargate. Dr. Who, etc.
3) Adult Fic is anything R and/or NC-17. Porn, people. ;)
4) Unfinished, Complete, and One Shot used to be Best Overall but I've divided them for fairnesss sake. This means that all nominees for Complete must be in multiple parts. If it is not but is considered complete, its a One Shot.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at allaartcm@grizzlies.adams.edu.


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